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Summary of our safari programs.


5 Reasons to travel with Prive Safari:

  • We are a dynamic and flexible travel agency.

  • We are safari specialists in Tanzania and southern Kenya.

  • With us you travel really private to enjoy maximum freedom during the safari.

  • We have direct operational contact and know your safari crew.

  • We bring you in contact with men and nature.


Prive Safari is a dynamic and flexible travel agency.

Prive Safari is a dynamic and flexible specialist in tent safaris in Tanzania and southern Kenya only.

Therefore you can be assured that our advice for your safari route is prepared by specialists who advice you on your safari from their own experience.


A tent safari with deluxe A-type tents with space to stand up, stretchers and all bedding. All equipment is taken with you on safari allowing you, unbound by any hotel schedule, to travel with the crew in all freedom and comfort outside the beaten track.

This adventurous way of enjoying safari demands a highly experienced, flexible crew and organization which is different from a standard safari which can also be booked for a private group.


With Prive Safari you really travel privately to enjoy optimal freedom.

We think you should enjoy freedom during your holiday. Time schedules can be met during working times. Travelling with your own family, your friends, or jut the two of you gives you that freedom. When you want to stay a day more in one of the parks or at a place, you just change the schedule with your guide.

We included some sample safaris here, however, you should understand that it is you who build your safari! 


We have daily contact on operations and know your safari crew.

Our English speaking guides are qualified in finding the “Big 5”, climbing Kilimanjaro, a birding safari or a cultural safari.

Our cooks are famous for their meals which can be prepared to suit your specific taste.


Our local tour operator has a TaLa License class A and is member of TaTo, the Tanzanian Organization of Tour Operators.

The crews for the safari consist of guides, cooks and assistants (trainees for guide or cook).


At the end of each safari we ask clients to file a questionnaire, so that not only the guide, cook and assistant, but also we know how the safari has been appreciated. Please have a look at recent questionnaires here.


Our commitment to Tanzania.

Prive Safari maintains a Fair Pricing Policy. Our crews earn more then 30% above the industry standard and more than 70% of the profit earned stays in Tanzania and goes to Tanzanians.


Prive Safari brings you in contact with men and nature.

Prive Safari has chosen to operate the safaris with tents not only to bring the price of a safari within your budget, but also because this is a way to bring you closer in contact met the people and nature of this magnificent country.


Privé Safari, naturally!

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