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Kilimanjaro, 5.895 meter is the highest mountain on the African continent and is therefore called “The roof of Africa” It is one of the highest free standing mountains in the world, consisting of the extinct volcano SHIRA (3.962m) and the two dormant volcano's MAWENZI (5.149m) and KIBO (5.895). Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a great challenge.


Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the few ecosystems near the equator with ice glaciers. The snow covered top gives the mountain a unique and special beauty.

Although the climbing is technically not difficult, you need to have a good condition to go up the mountain. Climbing experience and climbing gear is not necessary. You will be guided by a special trained guide and (most) of your luggage will be carried by porters while you carry your daypack. You sleep in tents or huts (Marangu route) and your private cook prepares your meals.

Altitude sickness can not be avoided, but to limit the change of an early descent, we have build in a extra acclimatizing day in our programs.


Routes in our program Climbing Kilimanjaro Privé, with different grades are:



Most commonly used route, with a easy climb to the Kibo Hut. The lower sections are rain forest and grass lands. The moon landscape around the Saddle lead to the Kibo Hut; from here steep up to the crater rim. All huts on this route manned and have radio contact with the Marangu Park Headquarters.



More easy, but steep climb to Gillman's Point, then along the crater rim with a view on the caldera and the Mawenzi.



The start of this climb is strenuous and you follow small slippery trails through the rain forest. This route gives access to the  South Western Glaciers and the Western Breach.



This beautiful variation on the Shira Route is not often used but therefore one of our favorites!

You start at an altitude of 2.200 meter and the trail takes you through a woody area with a lot of wildlife, south of the Shira Route. On the 3rd day the route links to the Machame Route.


Click here for information on the Kilimanjaro National Park.


Click here for a description of the routes:

6 days                :Marangu route

Minimum 7 days :Lemosho glades route


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Kilimanjaro Kililadies


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