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Prive Safari lets you enjoy the hart of Africa de-luxe and with maximum freedom.

You travel, with your English speaking Tanzanian guide, in the national parks in search of area's where the wildlife is concentrated and you are not limited to a fixed hotel scheme.

Routes will therefore vary to the season and to your demands. Both in Tanzania and Kenya you travel with the same crew and vehicles allowing you even flexibility in the Kenyan and Tanzanian parks.


The safari to enjoy the "Out of Africa" atmosphere.

We want you to experience the "Out of Africa" feeling and therefore selected classic safari tents for our wildlife safaris. tents have head height and are produced for us in Tanzania. You sleep on good stretchers and all bedding is included.
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Our 4WD vehicles.

You travel in Landcruisers or Landrovers, allowing you to go off the beaten track where other vehicles are unable to drive.
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Toilet and shower during the safari.

Sanitation is important during the safari and therefore we take a toilet and shower tent with us on your safari. You are therefore totally independent of the limited and sometimes total lack of local facilities in the parks.
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We think good and tasteful food is very important during the safari. Therefore your private cook will travel with you who cooks for you European and or African dishes and will also honor special diet whishes. This is also ideal for a safari with children!
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The campsites.

Standard you stay at Established campsites in the National Parks, but staying at a Special Campsite in the middle of the bush, is one of the most exciting events during a safari. This will give you the ultimate Out of Africa feeling. You will be fully equipped to visit those campsites. We only need some months to make reservations for these campsites with the Tanzanian National Park Organization.
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Our guides and cooks.

Our Tanzanian guides and cooks are specialized in tent safari's and know the national parks, the wildlife and the routes.

We know your guide and cook and we ask you to file a questionnaire at the end of each safari allowing you to express your appreciation of the safari.

If you want to know how other clients appreciated their safari you can click here.

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Climbing Kilimanjaro - the roof of Africa.

A Kilimanjaro climb is tough, but if you are in good condition, well to do. We have a lot of experience in organizing them for small groups, just the 2 of you, or with your team.
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Relax on the beaches.

Your stay in one of the beach lodges at the east coast of Tanzania, on Pemba or on Zanzibar can also be organized by us. We organize all connections linking your safari to the lodges and to your international flights.
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The preparation for your safari.

Good preparation and good advice form the start of a Prive safari. Based on the information you provided to us in the request form, we produce a tailor made proposal, including maps and detailed descriptions of the parks and routes, in which you get a good impression of what to expect during your safari.

For a wildlife safari, Kilimanjaro climb or for your stay at a Maasai tribe, we will take care that you are well prepared.

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We are there for you during your safari 7 days a week/24 hours per day.

During your safari you, or your relatives at home, can always reach us by telephone if you need our assistance in Tanzania or Kenya.


Privé Safari, naturally!

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